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Certifications & Test Results

All VEGATEX Skins are designed with the goal of reducing environmental impact throughout the entire process, from material selection to completion. We are evaluated by official third party certification organizations with high standards of environmental safety to verify our products based on transparency. Verification of these certifications and test results is a responsibility and a valuable promise to our partners and the environment.


Biobased product labels assure consumers that the product contains certain amounts of plant-based and renewable resources certified by the USDA.

VEGATEX is a product certified as 66% biobased by the USDA, made from plant-based waste discarded from the beverage industry and lyocell, a fiber extracted from wood pulp. 

It provides an alternative to traditional fossil fuel based products, can help reduce energy, water consumption and toxic waste, and because it is derived from renewable resources such as plants, it can also help reduce CO2.


Creating a cow-free leather alternative and ensuring that animal-derived raw materials are not used are very different issues. 

VEGATEX guarantees that no animal-derived products are ever used in its raw materials or manufacturing process, and the final product is completely vegan approved by PETA.


The European Union, a leader in environmental regulation worldwide, applies the REACH regulation to all chemicals.


It aims to provide a high level of protection for human health and the environment from hazardous substances and to promote innovation and competitiveness.

Vegatex proves through test results that it emits almost no DMF and VOC, which were chronic and terrible problems with traditional 100% synthetic leather. We are responsible for monitoring and disclosing hazardous chemicals contained in products we produce and sell in compliance with REACH regulation.


We request investigation and evaluation by trusted third-party organizations with high standards for human and environmental safety to obtain the objective test results or certification and verification required by our partners.

SGS tests product quality and performance against a variety of health, safety and regulatory standards and is certified to key standards and local regulations. These certifications and verifications provide indicators for our partners to market transparently to their customers.


The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) sets standards for third-party certification of recycled materials.

GRS covers from collection of raw materials to processing, manufacturing, packaging, and sale of finished products made with a minimum of 20% recycled material, and it raises awareness of the importance of sustainability within the textile industry.

VEGATEX has been certified by GRS for upcycling by-products from the beverage industry and using RPET for the backing.

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