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VEGATEX is a patented material solution company with a multi-national R&D team that manufacture, market and sell a sustainable leather alternative, such as AppleSkin, LemonSkin and BarleySkin by recycling plant-based residues and waste from the beverage industry. Every Skin we make is called VEGATEX.

Products of VEGATEX. AppleSkin is the bio-based leather alternative made from apple pomace and peel discarded by the beverage industry, such as cider, juice and compote. LemonSkin is made from a by-product from lemonade or lemon juice, replaces dark brown apple pomace and it is suitable for presenting bright colors. BarleySkin is a co-developed product by VEGATEX and Budweiser APAC in 2021, made from a a derivative of brewer’s saved grain.

VEGATEX Skin starts from collecting a huge amount of by-products from the beverage industry. This Plant-based waste is mixed with the water-based polyurethane for forming the surface layer with patented technology, and at the same time, lyocell made by extracting cellulose from wood pulp forms the bottom layer. And then, these two layers are combined by our innovative technology. Afterwards, it is processed through surface texture, color and finishing to become a soft, lively and eco-friendly biobased material. 

All processes is designed with the goal of reducing our carbon footprint taking into account our environmental impact.

Visit here for more details. 

Yes, VEGATEX is PETA approved, which means they are 100% animal free. It is a true vegan product that has not been tested on animal and does not use  animal origin substances at all.

We have no official records yet. However, the main raw materials of Skins, such as apple pomace, lemon pomace, brewer’s saved grain, and lyocell composed of cellulose from wood pulp are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

VEGATEX provides incredible environmental benefits compared to animal leathers or the conventional artificial leather based on PVC and oil-based polyurethane. 

Landfilling of agricultural or industrial plant-based waste, which is the main raw material of VEGATEX, has been a serious environmental problem, but by utilizing these by-products, there is no need to produce new raw materials anymore, saving non-renewable resources such as land, water, and fossil fuels, This further reduces our carbon footprint and environmental impact. VEGATEX, based on these plant-based ingredients, is certified 66% bio-based by the USDA (, and its high bio-based content levels up the standard of the vegan leather alternative industry. 

Visit our impact page to explore more details about the benefits of sustainable VEGATEX.

Brewer's Spent Grain is provide from Budweiser.

Absolutely. VEGATEX complies with EU REACH regulation. It is non-toxic, VOC-free, non-irritating and safe for babies and pets.


If in stock, from 1 meter.

For customizing colour and texture, from 300 meters (bulk).

The production lead time is approximately 30 days after order confirmation.

VEGATEX is produced in China.

From China port or Hong Kong port.

Yes, custom color and texture are acceptable.

Yes, VEGATEX is shipped worldwide. Any additional taxes, duties, customs fees applied by your local customs office are the sole responsibility of the customer.

1.40 meters

1 meter x 1.40 meters

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